Compact Spring Support System (by DST & PT&P)

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PT&P partnered with Disc Spring Technology (DST) and is now manufacturing the compact spring support. 

Resolve your overloaded pump/ heat exchanger/ vessel nozzle loads with the DST Compact Spring Support. The DST Compact Spring Support is specifically designed to relieve excess loading on process equipment.
Disc Spring Support
  -  Minimizes excessive loads on sensitive equipment
  -  Same load for smaller working range (25-50% less space)
  -  Ideal for locating under equipment flanges
  -  Reduces design time, maintenance cost and accidents
Carbon Steel
Selection Program

download the carbon steel selection program
Stainless Steel
Selection Program

downlaod the carbon steel selection program
Use a selection program to find exact information on the desired spring support. These Spring Support Selection Programs simplify the process described in the catalog to calculate the installed load and movement, then find the spring support size using one of the two charts.
View the recording of last webinar...
View the recording of the last DST webinar
The Compact Spring Support Webinar was presented by DST and covered key objectives, background and leading industry problems related to process equipment nozzels (both rotating and non-rotating equipment). It reviewed the challenges involved in design and analysis of piping with respect to process equipment nozzles. This webinar also discussed the types of chronic problems and failures related to process equipment nozzles and present (or introduce) the Compact Spring Support as a solution. During the webinar, the DST team explained why chronic problems with process equipment exist, describing current design practices as they relate to industry code standards and how the Compact Spring Support addresses these problems directly and effectively. It also took a quick look at DST technical data and sizing program.

The DST Team
Klaus - DST
Klaus P. Redmann
Director of Quality

(509) 554-0578
Bart - DST
Bart V. Makadia
Engineer Director

(503) 806-2782
James - DST
James O. Taylor
Director of Fabrciation

(301) 676-8889
Kirk - DST
Kirk V. Leonardi
Director of Design & Research

(509) 554-7167